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The Coveted Leadville Trail 100 Gold Buckle

Don't have one?  Want one?  You've come to the right place!

Didn't get into Leadville 2015?!

Ah, the joys of the lottery system!  So, having missed Leadville's 2015 cut, should you give up that 100 mile dream and wait on the couch and buy your subscription to the 'Donut of the Month' club to while away the next 12 months?  In my opinion, no.  There are many equally awesome 100s across the USA and around the world to challenge you.  If you read my qualifications below, I trust you will see that Leadville is not my only game and that I can prepare you for any ultra event of any distance, anywhere in the world, no matter whether your goal is to finish under the cut-off or to stand on the champion's podium.  If interested, contact me and we can discuss your current condition and experience and what training, events and lessons might be appropriate to lead up to the successful finish of your 2015 'A' race be it a 50 km or a 146 mile run across Death Valley to the summit of Mount Whitney or any distance/venue in between.  Allow me to share my decades of ultramarathon coaching experience - and personal ultra running adventures to include over 30 runs of 100 miles or longer - to make this year your best year.  My initial consultations to consider whether we have a good match of athlete and coach are always at no charge and no obligation.  You'll find I love talking all things ultra and I will appreciate your call, interest and aspirations.  It's a great sport and there's something for everyone who trains for the distance, terrain and conditions and that's what I help my students do safely and successfully.  I look forward to hearing from you!  My contact email is:  coachweber@outlook.com .

Got Your Spot at Leadville 2015?  Now What?

You CAN be a Leadville FINISHER in 2015 if you will do the work, master the skills, and gain the experience by training and racing progressively longer and faster and on tougher and tougher terrain.  For some it takes years to be ready to cross that LT100 Finish Line; others go from the marathon to 100 miles in one year;  others will never do it no matter how long they try ... Leadville's not for everyone. But the real question is, do you want it bad enough?  What do you bring to the table?  Willing to put down 'Born to Run' and start putting in some serious miles?  Well, then contact me and tell me about yourself.  Know that I keep my roster small and I **only** coach 100 mile runners or those who aspire to the distance ... no 10 kms, no marathons, no Ironmans, no 'Mud Runs/Spartan Races' etc.  Keeping my roster small is easy;  frankly, there just aren't that many people who really want Leadville bad enough (more precisely, many 'want' Leadville, but very few 'want' to do the training Leadville demands).  My job is to sort through the delusional and the 'wannabes' to find those 'diamonds in the rough' who may not be able to do Leadville now, but they will - after enough hard work - do it this August.  You don't need to be wildly talented to finish Leadville - plenty of 'average' folks get it done every year ... but those 'average' people put **everything** they've got to the task and by doing so become extraordinary.  If you're one of those few people that **really** want Leadville and already understand there is not any magic potion nor trick that I - nor anyone - can provide to make you a Leadville Finisher ... it's all about the training ... lots of training .... then, contact me.  I love working with smart, dedicated, realistic, hard-working, just-won't-quit male and female athletes.   It's all I do.  It's all I want to do.  Contact me by email and then let's talk.  I promise not to fluff you up nor try to sell you coaching you don't need or aren't ready for.  Not my style.

Got more experience?  Well, good!  I promise to help you to 'Better Your Best.'  Some of the best of the best, to include runners who have done 16 hours for 100 miles and faster, have hired me for improvement with their fitness, training at altitude, motivation, accountability,  race strategy, pace, hydration/fueling/electrolyte strategies, maximizing their success at National and World Championship Events, and more.  Whatever your level of experience or talent ... whatever your ultramarathon goal ... I can help you.  Contact me by email and then let's talk.

If you want to learn a little more about my coaching philosophy please look through my site - especially 'Letters to the Coach' and my 'Coaching' pages.  By the way, ultramarathon coaching is all I do.  I don't know of a single ultramarathon coach who can say the same; they all have 'day jobs.'  What that means to you is that when you are accepted as a student of mine, you can expect superior individualized service, not wait days for an answer to a question nor be assigned to an assistant coach.  Additionally, I do not accept any sponsorships.  If I recommend something to you, it is not because I am beholden to a sponsor, but because I believe in the the product.  That keeps things clean and honest.  One size doesn't fit all in the ultra game.

Coach Weber

The Coaching Experience I Can Share With You ... If You Can Find ANY Other Coach With More Experience ... Hire Him/Her.

For the past 25 years, I have prepared runners for success at ultramarathon events around the world.  I specialize in assisting motivated, disciplined runners to "better their best" whether that means completing one's first ultramarathon or winning a national championship.

I have coached runners to finishes at: the Angeles Crest 100 Mile; the Hardrock 100 Mile; the Leadville 100 Mile; the Western States 100; the Wasatch Front 100 Mile; the Vermont 100 Mile; the Old Dominion 100 Mile; the Umstead 100 Mile; the Bighorn 100 Mile; the Bear 100 Mile; the Heartland 100 Mile; the Plain 100 Mile; the Mile High 100 Mile; the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile; the Lean Horse 100 Mile; the Mother Road 100 Mile; the Rocky Road 100 Mile; the Kettle Moraine 100 Mile; the Badwater 135 Mile and Solo 146 Mile; the Grand Slam, Leadman, and stage races to include the Marathon des Sables and the Himalayan 100 Mile ... and most recently the 2013 Indiana Trail 100.

I have coached Champions at: the Leadville 100 Mile; the Old Dominion 100 Mile; the Rocky Raccoon 100  Mile; the Mile High 100  Mile;  the Plain 100 Mile;  the USA National 50 Mile Championship;  USA National 100 KM Masters Championship;  USA National 24 Hour Championship;  Marathon des Sables Stage Race;  and the Himalayan 100 Stage Race.  In addition, I recruited, trained, outfitted and managed 2 USA National Championship Women's Club Teams at the 50 Mile and 100 KM distances.

My most recent National Champion - and hopefully not my last - was Jill Perry who took the 2009 USA Women's National 24 Hour Championship with a total of 136.3 miles. My preparation of Jill to go head-to-head with the nearly unbeatable Connie Gardner included a highly patterned hydration/fueling/electrolyte strategy as well as a unique racing strategy designed to break the competition. Jill's win that day put her 8th on the All-Time list of USA Women at the 24 Hour. That championship performance by Jill will surely rank among the most satisfying days of my coaching career.

I continue to provide full-service coaching and race support services to clients who seek to 'Better Their Best'.  My coaching fees for the 2015 season will remain at $275 per month.

Additionally,  I provide private consultations by phone and in person to both novice and veterans on any aspect of ultrarunning or race preparation.  Fees for a 90 minute consultation are $60.  

My love of the sport continues and I thrive on sharing the knowledge gained over the past 25 years of ultramarathon coaching and running especially when it comes to the the 100 mile distance - especially the Leadville Trail 100 - and desert racing.  I am available to travel to provide on-site training and racing support.   For all the above opportunities, please contact me at coachweber@outlook.com and let me know your desires and qualifications.  

Coach Weber


 July 2007  

The Coach at the summit marker atop Mount Whitney completing the classic Badwater 146 mile course.  One of my 18 Crossings since 1994.

A Recommendation from Charl Mattheus - Comrades Champion

"I can highly recommend Coach Weber's personal ultra-marathon coaching.  He has an in-depth understanding of ultra-marathon running.  His coaching philosophy includes a focus on physiological guidance as well as training advice.  His coaching and mentoring soon made him a life-long friend.  He was instrumental during the peak years of my running career.  Thanks Coach for your contribution to my success."

Charl Mattheus - 1997 Comrades Marathon Champion - 56 miles in 5 hours 28 minutes 37 seconds; Sunmart Texas 50 Mile Trail Record Holder with a time of 5 hours 20 minutes 25 seconds at the year 2000 event.

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. May your rivers flow without end, meandering through pastoral valleys tinkling with bells, past temples and castles and poets' towers into a dark primeval forest where tigers belch and monkeys howl, through miasmal and mysterious swamps and down into a desert of red rock, blue mesas, domes and pinnacles and grottos of endless stone, and down again into a deep vast ancient unknown chasm where bars of sunlight blaze on profiled cliffs, where deer walk across the white sand beaches, where storms come and go as lightning clangs upon the high crags, where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you beyond that next turning of the canyon walls.

-Edward Abbey in Desert Solitaire

I encourage EVERYONE to see a doctor before altering their diet, taking a supplement and/or performing athletic, fitness or other strenuous physical activity. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any information, instruction, opinion or advice contained in the content of the Coach Weber website.

Coach Weber


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